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Complex Project, Or Just A Project?

Although the name is often the same, complex projects differ significantly from simple or more complicated projects (such as customer projects or product developments). Complex projects are more multi-faceted and especially more unpredictable than projects.

„Moving Target“

The concrete aims of a complex project are faced with an environment that is constantly changing (such as market conditions or technologies).

Our advice:: A project that is oriented along the company’s long-term vision is robust in the face of goal alignments. This allows fundamental course corrections to be avoided or reduced.

„Dynamic Scoping“

The boundaries of a complex project cannot be defined clearly in thematic terms, meaning that the boundaries are fluid. As a result, tasks are often preliminary and have to be adjusted during the course of the project.

Our advice: Assume that the project will be larger than it seems at first. General managers with experience gained from comparable tasks can anticipate this better and can effectively focus on how this will play out.

„Change Management“

A complex project always leads to changes in day-to-day business. As these changes become more concrete, resistance to the project will increase and its necessity will often be questioned.

Our advice: A complex project that is backed from an early stage by those who will be affected by it will be more accepted.