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Specific Management Expertise Available On Demand

Consultation on very specific subjects is needed for important decisions and the development of the company. You are looking for transparency, or just a second opinion. You want security for the next steps of the process. Expertise on demand is our tailored solution, and it brings just that – quickly, in a lean and focused manner, not drawn-out and convoluted.

The 2,500 Skillpool® Managers are experts in their fields thanks to years of experience – in management, in selected industries or for special company tasks. Their areas of specialty include market and technology analysis, innovation management, operational excellence, complexity reduction, cost transparency, organizational development of the company, change management and more.

The Interim Managers create transparency with a check-up and targeted spot analysis. They clarify matters and approach your key people at eye level. They provide an objective assessment of the situation and develop recommendations that can be implemented. They provide support during project set-up or when establishing new tasks in the company. They guide and coach executives on specific missions. They transfer their know-how to your organization.