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Management on demand is a management service available at short notice. It covers all assignments that focus on finding solutions for special tasks, complex management projects or bridging vacancy gaps. The often synonymously used term “interim management” refers to vacancy gap bridging, while “management on demand” refers to temporary assignments.

Interim Management comprises only temporary assignments in the literal sense, i.e. bridging vacancies. However, the term is often used synonymously with “management on demand”. The common perception that interim management is primarily a restructuring task is too narrow a definition.

Expertise on Demand is what we call the GroNova advisory service. The service is based on GroNova’s methodology and combines the individual expertise of the Skillpool® managers, who work in specific functional disciplines, in particular industries or on special corporate projects.

Complex projects cover a very broad range of topics and comprise all activities that enable businesses to evolve. They are considered to be complex because they are multi-faceted in nature, have dynamic time constraints and are subject to unpredictable change. In some companies they are also called strategic projects because they are implemented as part of company-wide strategic plans.

„Good Market Practices“ describe the rules of conduct that the leading providers and individual managers in the German-speaking interim management sector are subject to.

SkillPool® is the pool of more than 2,500 carefully selected and assessed managers on demand. This pool is owned exclusively by GroNova. Skillpool® is a registered trade mark.

GroNova® means new growth and is an artificial word made-up of nova growth. GroNova® is a registered trade mark.

Innovation means creating and implementing new products and services that are valued by customers. Innovation should be distinguished from creativity, which connotes the creation of new ideas to solve specific problems.

Operational Excellence signifies the outstanding mastery of all processes that are necessary to add customer value.

Complexity denotes the variety, dynamic change and unpredictability of possible manifestations that could arise in the business. Market, product, process and organizational complexity are distinguished from one another because of these manifestations. The art of the management challenge lies in mastering maximum external market and customer complexity while maintaining minimum internal operational complexity.